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Bernard and his team of experts are ready to help you bring your project into the world!

Contact Bernard Fox:

    • Contact Bernard about that new invention you have in your head you don’t know how to execute, or perhaps about one of his. 
    • Contact Bernard for that New Music project that is stuck in your ear.
    • Contact Bernard about new ideas for a whole theme-park or perhaps just an attraction.
    • Contact Bernard about education, a class or a curriculum.
    • Want to buy an original film about Mime, an Interlocked Dubber, an original Lithograph by VALY. or the Original Kine-scope of Howdy Doody,
    • You get the idea…





    Don\’t  hesitate to contact Bernard for your project – yes, he is very busy, but over the years, he has compiled a long and unique list of associates who are experts in their various fields, and who can help him handle many projects (of any size) concurrently, but always with Bernard\’s personal touch.

    Contact Bernard and let him help you bring your creation into the world.