You can’t have as long and varied a career as Bernard Fox, without also having some interesting stories. Here are a few, and there are more to come…

Thursday Before Woodstock: Richie Havens

Our Latin Thing: The Street Concert

Always Inventing Things

“Sophisticated Ladies” Getting into Theatrical Sound Design

Riding in the car with Barry Rogers


Inventing Theater Automation

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Phil Ramone

Whistle With The Orchestra

“Get Out Of My Way Shrimpy!”

Fania All-Stars Live at Yankee Stadium

Jack Klugman: The Odd Couple

Kate Smith

My Personal Multi-Track Machine

Barry Rogers and Creating “Barrio del Pilar


3 Carradines

NRBQ: “Riding in My Car”

Norman Vincent Peale

“Yankee Fever”

Martha Raye

Will Rogers Follies: Gregory Peck

Salvadore Dali

“Hells Angels Forever”


Ray Barretto “Cocinando”