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To have Bernard teach a specific class or course * To learn something privately * To create a whole curriculum or develop a program * To guest lecture * To teach any level from 3rd grade to the most technically advanced level * For film, or television, or game sound, or recording, or theme-park, or museum, or for the deaf, or any new kind of sound, CONTACT BERNARD FOX HERE. 


All above logos are the property of the institutions they represent.  



  • Recording: Mono to Multitrack
  • Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production
  • Motion Picture Sound
  • Mixing for Film
  • Use of the Multitrack
  • Microphones 101
  • Microphone Technique for the studio and on location
  • Narration and Music Tape Editing
  • Theatrical Sound Systems
  • Synchronizing Systems
  • Mastering
  • Analog vs. Digital
  • Video Sound
  • Theme Park Sound Systems
  • Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR)
  • Microphones-How they work and What to do with them
  • Video and broadcast
  • Speakers- How they work and how to use them
  • Electronic Signal Flow
  • Reading Technical Specification
  • Audio Signal Flow and why should you care
  • Machine and Acoustic Design and Maintenance
  • Sync systems
  • The business of audio




  • NY State Vocational Teacher\’s License: (since 2002)
  • Sarah Lawrence College (SLC): Guest Instructor Various Courses (2012 – 2015)
  • New York University (NYU): Guest Lecturer (2015), Adjunct Professor (1974-1981), Advisory Board Member for Music, Business and Technology Departments 
  • Institute of Audio Research (IAR): Guest Lecturer (2007-Present), Full-time Instructor (2001-2007) 
  • Film Makers Educational Co-operative:  Bridgeport, CT – Lecture Series (2000-2001)
  • Center for the Media Arts (CMA): Full-time Instructor (1980-1985)
  • RCA Sound Studios: Instructor for film department
  • Audio Engineering Society (AES), L.D.I, Society of Professional Audio Recording Services
    (SPARS) Conventions/Meetings:

    • Dale Pro Audio: “How To” Live Sound Seminar (2005)
    • REMIX LIVE –  Mixer (2004)
    • A.E.S. History of Latin Music Recording in early 1970s (2001)
    • A.E.S. “When Vinyl Ruled” Historical Committee (2001)
    • A.E.S. Panel “Theatrical Sound Design – Now and In The Future” (1997)
    • A.E.S. Tour “Backstage At the Broadway Theater” (1997)
    • AMSONG Demonstration and paper on the Effects of the Internet on Musical Copyright Holders, N.Y.&L.A. (1995)
    • SPARS White paper \”SPARS On The Internet\”  (1995)
    • SPARS White paper \”Restore The Recording Codes\”  (1995)
    • A.E.S. Keynote Speaker \”Use of Computers in Audio Technology\”  (1993)
    • A.E.S. Lecturer \”Use of Automation for Live Mixing\” (1993)
    • L.D.I. Lecturer \”Automation and Synchronization to a Live Theatrical Performance\” (1992)
    • L.D.I. Lecturer \”A Comparison of the Three Levels of Digital Audio Sampling\” (1991)
    • A.E.S. Demonstrator \”The AKAI Digital Workstation\” (1991)
    • A.E.S. Lecturer \”Use of Digital Samplers in the Creation and Real Time Playback of Sound Effects\” (1990)
    • A.E.S. Demonstrator \”A Comparative Study of Lavaliere Microphones\” (1986)
  • Private Instructor (2004 to present)
  • Literate in the following programs and platforms: 

Protools, Acoustiquick, Cakewalk, Performer, Performance Automation, Music Printer Plus, Simm, Waveframe, Final Cut Pro, DVD Creator, Atari, Graphics Plus, MacIntosh, Atari, PC, Voyetra, Word Perfect, AutoSketch, Word for Windows, Quicken, Lotus123, MS Office, Vegas, and many others.

Member SPARS – Society of Professional Audio Recording Services 

Member IATSE – Local #1

Member of AES – Audio Engineers Society, Historical Committee

Also of note:

  • 1976  Sponsor for First NYC Internship Program in Audio