• "Man, You did a GREAT job...I can hear everything....It's what that music is supposed to sound like....B, you are a mutha@#$%^& !!"

    Marty Sheller, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Trumpeter

  • "I would full-heartedly recommend Bernard Fox as a "go to" guy for music recording, audio engineering, post production sound, and mixing for film and video production."

    Hal G. Rosenbluth, CEO/President, Kaufman Astoria Studios

  • "You did an amazing job rescuing the masters from the 80's!"

    Jorge Calandrelli, Composer, Arranger, Producer (Israel Kantor's album)

  • "BRAVO! The audible experience is a journey. A trip I look forward to every evening on the couch with a calm autumn breeze."

    Hector S. Echevarria, Reviewer - Cubano En Nueva York: 1984 Ny Salsa Sessions

  • “In the capable hands of Bernard Fox the music bathes the audience in sound that is full rather than merely loud, sound that is experienced physically without being overwhelming...a clear and compelling emotional experience.”

    Donald Westwood, OPERA NEWS - Noa Ain's "Joan Of Arc"

  • "Thank You for the amazing Audio Wizard work on ANGELS'

    Marcus & the Angels Team

  • "Bernard, How great to work with you again. Such a pleasure to be supported by your audio magic. Here's hoping we run to the max! Thanks so much!"

    Keith Carradine


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