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MUSIC Samples:



Chris Rogers – Voyage Home

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Marty Sheller – Libre

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War of the Worlds – Sample

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VIDEO Samples:


It Ain\’t Right 

Composed, Written and Produced by Ken Lauber

Vocals by Byron Utley

Recorded and Mixed by Bernard Fox

Video by Lily Walsh

Where It All Began – In 1994, on the 25th Anniversary of Woodstock, a crowd of people showed up in Bethel, NY, on the site of the original festival.  RICHIE HAVENS called me a week before and said \”whether there\’s a sound sound system there or not, I have to play\”.  And with those words launched me to produce a sound system, film, and record an event for 150,000.  This film captures a little of the magic.  This is a 7 minute sample from it, but there is an entire film shot in 6 camera HD and 107 songs.  Produced by Bernard Fox and Ken Lauber.  Contact Bernard or Ken ( if you need more information.

High 5 – Video of the song from 1984 with famous sports heroes of the day, singing and dancing.