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Investment Opportunities


Bernard has many projects in various stages of development.

Some of the inventions are already under patent, and are ready for funding. If you are a venture capitalist, or know of someone, or a company or group, who may be interested in one or more of these start-ups, please contact Bernard directly here.

Thank you.


  • Electro-Magnetic Collection Device (EMCD): Collects and stores electromagnetic radiation at any frequency.  

  • Water-powered Internal Combustion Engine: An engine that literally runs on water.  It includes a new way to break water down into its burnable parts that is more efficient than any previous methods.  It has applications for aircraft, rocket motors, boats, submarines Interstellar propulsion systems, and third world electrical generators. Have a video of it working.  

  • A new way to watermark and distribute music online:  It puts the money back into the hands of those who made the music, while preventing illegal copying, yet still uses the Internet to present that music to the public
  • Multi-Prioritizing Hearing Aid:  A new type of hearing aid with brains.  It compensates for what the hearing impaired lose, when they lose their hearing.  It figures out what you would want to hear, and only amplifies what you would want to hear. (*CURRENTLY IN PROCESS

  • \”The Big Ear\”: A stand alone device that only hears the person in front of you, or where-ever you aim it, or, all around a conference table or bar table.  It too, has the electronic discretion of selectable hearing. Currently have 4x scale prototype.

  • Sonature is a new type of surround-sound system.   It is the only surround sound system where you do not have to sit dead in the center to hear balanced surround sound. Sonature is the only system that you do not have to remix the original, to achieve surround sound. Particularly applicable for use in cars, and theaters, where it may not be possible to sit in the exact center.  Not since Dolby has there been as great a potential to move sound into the future.  Samples are available.

  • Invisible Microphone:  A new microphone which is so small it is virtually invisible.  It includes a mic, preamp, transmitter, and rechargeable battery all in one very small space, (1mm x 2mm x 2mm). It has law enforcement and live entertainment applications. Have partial prototype.

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